PressLabs provides elite hosting for online publishers using WordPress.
We serve hundreds of millions of pageviews per month with amazing uptime and speed.

Meet the Scientists

They feed the mice that run (in) our labs.

Călin Don "The Bender"
Element: Hydrogen
More than 8 years of WordPress experience brought to the public. He’s usually staying undercover and using his magic to create amazing things. Like PressLabs.
Camelia Zota "Camelia"
Element: Argon
Mario Vasaio "The WordPress Chemist"
Element: Silver
Loves carefully developing WordPress plugins and clean PHP code. He has a passion for everything green: trekking in the Carpathians, nurturing his avocado plants and also seeing as many times as possible the green message of “build passed” by Travis in Github.
Marius Velțan "The Rhapsodist"
Element: Oxygen
A true enthusiast, passionate about life in all its forms. Curious by nature, would never say no to a good read and is always up for a new challenge. Loving to be always surrounded by friends, he enjoys exchanging ideas, building connections and spreading energetic smiles.
Miguel Angelo "Mikey"
Element: Radium
Outgoing and always up for a “good” joke, does things for people to see and interact with. Spends the whole day giving a human face to code, creating all round custom graphics and visual content. Has a nuke proof patience and a radioactive sense of humor.
Mile Rosu "The Juggler"
Element: Gold
Mile enjoys spreading the word about PressLabs and making customers’ sites work and rank flawlessly.
Pedro Dobrescu "The Wizard"
Element: Phosphorus
Is using his element to shed some light for the whole team, rarely going out of the labs. From time to time he’s trying highly unstable compounds that turn him into a chemical robot. Father of two wonderful kids and married with a gorgeous and supportive wife.
Robert Krody "Krotz"
Element: Krypton
He’s the most likely person to find issues and bugs in code. Likes to hack WordPress code and is investing a lot of adrenaline in gaming, table-tennis and basketball. Always ready to take on new challenges.
Theodor Dragoi "The Wallet"
Element: Tellurium
Sailor, kitesurfer, freeskier, happy-traveller, free-living each moment with the idea to build and experience amazing emotions together with the people around, an ex-5-years-corporate guy when it comes to taking care and optimizing the everyday back-office.
Valentina Motrescu "Madam"
Element: Silicon
She’s a living Swiss clock. Always on time, connects us to the real world and keeps everything organized and working in an office full of geeks. Decent soccer player and highly specialized in cooking tasty dishes.
Vlad Temian "The Player"
Element: Nitrogen
Enthusiast, energetic, hungry and foolish, always ready for a good game. He’s passionate about everything that involves code or tech problems, currently deep diving into PressLabs’ infrastructure essentials.

Who we are
and What we do

At PressLabs we believe in having long-term business relationships by keeping our promises honest and realistic.

We’ve got our first hosting customer back in 2009 – pidjin.net – and helped them survive many digg.com and reddit front-pages.
Since spike one we loved the thrill to deal with real traffic and online publishers. This is how PressLabs was born and that’s why we innovate for publishers.
We incorporated in 2011 and received an angel investment round of $100,000 to develop our vision into a hosting platform. We are now at version six of our hosting platform and we have a great team to develop it further.

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