Kubernetes MySQL Operator

MySQL Operator enables bulletproof MySQL on Kubernetes. It manages all the necessary resources for deploying and managing a highly available MySQL cluster.

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We have also put together a series of blog articles for setting up a Kubernetes MySQL Operator Cluster on AWS, Google Platform Console and Microsoft Azure.

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Goals and status

The main goals of this operator are:

  1. Easily deploy mysql clusters in kubernetes (cluster-per-service model)
  2. Friendly to devops (monitoring, availability, scalability and backup stories solved)
  3. Out-of-the-box backups (scheduled and on demand) and point-in-time recovery
  4. Support for cloning in cluster and across clusters

The operator is to be considered alpha and not suited for critical production workloads. We (Presslabs) sucessfully use it at the moment for some non-critical production workloads.


We welcome all contributions in the form of new issues for feature requests, bugs or directly pull requests. We are open to discuss ideas to improve the operator and would also love to find out where and how it is used. The discussion related to the project should happen on Gitter. The current developers of the project can be reached via email too.

Tech considerations

This project uses Percona Server for MySQL 5.7 because of backup improvements (eg. backup locks), monitoring improvements and some serviceability improvements (eg. utility user). Although we could have used MariaDB, our primary focus being WordPress, we wanted a drop-in rather than a fork. In the future we might support MariaDB if that can be implemented in a compatible way.


This project is licensed under Apache 2.0 license. Read the LICENSE file in the top distribution directory, for the full license text.