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One-click install of the Presslabs Dashboard in the Google Cloud Kubernetes Marketplace


Version 1.7.2 released 2 June, 2021

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Presslabs Dashboard


Now you can run for the first time your WordPress infrastructure as a Kubernetes app inside your very own Google cloud account.


The Presslabs Dashboard is the result of implementing the open-source Presslabs Stack on top of the most advanced and reliable Cloud services: Google Cloud and Auth0.


This comes as a natural result of a decade of experience in engineering, optimizing and maintaining no-compromise top tier hosting for Enterprise WordPress-powered properties.

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Scale the WordPress backend with Presslabs Dashboard

Scale the WordPress backend

Take out of the revenue equation the backend scaling unknown variables. True auto-scaling and self-healing in a very elegant way when deploying and serving WordPress e-commerce apps with rush-hours. Serving visitors properly first, gaining valuable time to optimize later.

Reclaim control over infrastructure with Presslabs Dashboard

Reclaim control over infrastructure

Implement in your organization a consolidated cloud strategy that comes as a natural and logical step in 2019. Take control over the full automation flows for deployment and development.

Own your data with Presslabs Dashboard

Own your data

Control completely how your data is handled, stored and distributed. When content and user data are concerned, cut off the middle-manand get the chance to use exclusively a tier-1 provider: Google Cloud Storage. Benefit of all certifications and guarantees provided by the industry leader in Kubernetes and Enterprise Cloud.

Save thousands of hours of effort with Presslabs Dashboard

Save thousands of hours of effort

Take the shortcut to cloud-native container orchestration. Our experience says new technologies such as Kubernetes, although with appealing features bringing major competitive advantages, have a very fast release cycle and are a moving target for engineering teams. Keeping the pace and then maintaining Kubernetes infrastructure takes a lot of time and effort.

Facts and figures

This is what recommends us


and below response times


Real time visitors on a single site


Page views within an hour on a single site


Page views during 24h on a single site


Pageviews in our busiest month

Simple to Use

One-click install of the Presslabs Dashboard in the Google Cloud Kubernetes Marketplace, is possible provided you make sure to have at hand some essential credentials and services.

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Install on Google Cloud Marketplace


Set up user, projects at organization level


Spin up a new site / migrate an existing property


Deploy and scale


WooCommerce? Sure. WordPress? Even better. Power up and scale your current setup with a cutting edge infrastructure.

scale H&V
Config Connector pod
scale H&V



  • Multi-tenant database


  • Aggregated event logging straight from k8s

Deployment and coding

  • Integrated with Bedrock and Composer

  • Fine control of environment variables

  • Git workflow deeply integrated in the process

  • Configurable WordPress runtime using custom docker images


  • OpenIDConnect authentication using Auth0

  • RBAC mapped on the Kubernetes cluster rights

  • Safe password handling using secrets


  • Read-only production code

  • Elastic scaling - up and down

  • Automatic pod range allocation

  • Custom resource allocation setting


  • Full interface localization for the most deployed WordPress languages

  • Available languages are English, Japanese, German, Spanish, as well as Swedish, Dutch and Romanian(our native language)

Use cases

WooCommerce? Sure. WordPress? Even better. Power up and scale your current setup with a cutting edge infrastructure.


Enterprises implementing consistent cloud-strategies using Kubernetes.


Agencies doing self-hosting, consolidating development and deployment processes.


Shops with exponential scaling needs to support sale rushes.


WooCommerce? Sure. WordPress? Even better. Power up and scale your current setup with a cutting edge infrastructure.

  • $0.06 site / hour 1 - 5 sites
    $0.03 site / hour 6 - 20 sites
    $0.015 site / hour 20+ sites
  • $0.08 requested vCPU / hour
  • Free user / mo 0 - 3 months
    $15.00 user / mo 3+ months

Price calculator

See the price estimate for your service configuration. View prices for the entire system or per site to analyze your potential architecture costs.

WordPress CPU
Google Compute and Storage
Google Bandwidth
Presslabs Dashboard License
Total cost per month
Cost per site per month

Prices are approximations and are not in any way binding price quotes. Actual prices may vary depending the type of agreement, discounts and special offers from Presslabs. Contact the Presslabs sales team for additional information on pricing for your specific use-case.

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