A list with all arguments for Gitfs

Using options

In order to use options when mounting gitfs, you need to append the options as an argument when using the mount command like this:

-o option1=value1,option2=value2,option3=value3...

All available options

Name Default Description
remote_url the URL of the remote. The accepted formats are:
  • – for HTTP
  • – for SSH
branch master the branch name to follow
repo_path /var/lib/gitfs/repo_path the location where the repositories will be cloned
max_size 10MB the maximum file size in MBs allowed for an individual file. If set to 0, then allow any file size
user root the user that will mount the file system
group root the group that will mount the file system
commiter_name user the name that will be displayed for all the commits
commiter_email user@FQDN the email that will be displayed for all the commits
merge_timeout 5 sec the interval between idle state and commits/pushes
fetch_timeout 30 sec the interval between fetches
min_idle_times 10 idle cycles until gitfs will go to idle mode
idle_fetch_timeout 30 min the interval between fetches, when in idle mode
log syslog the path of the log file. Special name syslog will log to the system logger
log_level warning the logging level. One of error, warning, info, debug
debug false the switch that sets the log level to debug and also enables FUSE’s debug
foreground true the switch that specifies whether FUSE will work in the foreground or not
allow_other true the switch that overrides the security measure restricting file access to the user mounting the file system. So, all users, including root, can access the files. This option is, by default, only allowed to root, but this restriction can be removed with a configuration option described in the previous section
allow_root false the switch that’s similar to allow_other but file access is limited to the user mounting the file system and root. This option and allow_other are mutually exclusive
username the username for HTTP basic auth
password the password for HTTP basic auth
key $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa the path of the SSH private key. NOTE: the public key is constructed by appending .pub to this path and the file MUST exist