Providers in Silver

An overview of Providers in Silver, with details regarding listing all providers or a specific one, as well as how to create, update or delete one.

For resource definition check out the Resources page.

List all providers

By default this will list all the providers.

GET /providers/ HTTP/1.1

Filters can be used for better results. The available filters are company and email

GET /providers/?company=Presslabs HTTP/1.1

List a specific provider

By default this will list a specific provider.

GET /providers/:id/ HTTP/1.1

Create a new provider

POST /providers HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

  "name": "Presslabs",
  "company": "Presslabs SRL",
  "email": "",
  "address_1": "Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr. 3, Etaj 3, Ap. 12 Timișoara,",
  "address_2": null,
  "country": "RO",
  "city": "Timisoara",
  "state": "Timis",
  "zip_code": 300566,
  "extra": "This can be used as an additional field to include into billing documents",
  "flow": "proforma",
  "invoice_series": "IS1",
  "invoice_starting_number": "1",
  "proforma_series": "PS1",
  "proforma_starting_number": "1",
  "default_document_state": "draft",
  "meta": ""

Update a provider

All the provider’s fields are editable. Use PATCH for partial updates and PUT for full updates.

PATCH /providers/:id HTTP/1.1
PUT /providers/:id HTTP/1.1

Delete a provider

Provider deletion is actually a soft delete.

DELETE /providers/:id HTTP/1.1

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