Install the Presslabs Dashboard

The Presslabs dashboard can be installed with a simple click from Google's Marketplace, after making sure you've followed all the necessary prerequisites.

Go to the Google Cloud Marketplace and search for “Presslabs Dashboard”.

The Presslabs Dashboard on Google's Marketplace

To install the Presslabs Dashboard, press on CONFIGURE and configure the following:

  • Cluster: the cluster you've created when going through the Dashboard Prerequisites will automatically appear here; you also have the possibility to quickly spin a new cluster directly from here, by presing Create a new cluster
  • Namespace: you can leave the default one
  • App-instance-name: the name of your Dashboard application
  • Presslabs Dashboard Service Account: Create a new service account
  • Presslabs Dashboard Domain: The domain you chose for the Presslabs Dashboard, e.g.
  • IP Address: this is in case you've reserved an IP on Google Cloud IP, you can also leave it empty and a temporary IP address will be apointed

Configure the Presslabs Dashboard 1

For the following fields you'll need the information you've noted down when you created an Auth0 application :

  • Auth0 Client ID: copy the Client ID you've noted down when you made an Auth0 application

  • Auth0 Client Secret: copy the Client Secret you've noted down when you made an Auth0 application

  • Auth0 Issuer URL: copy the Domain you've noted down when you made an Auth0 application and make sure there is a / at the end of the URL

  • Admin Emails: here you need to type the email addresses of the persons that will be able to create organizations; all the other people that you'll give access to will be able to create projects and sites, but only the persons with these email addresses will be able to create organizations

  • Let's Encrypt Account Email: the email that will be used to create Let's Encrypt certificates; you'll receive notices on this email in case your certificates expire and so on

  • Let's Encrypt Server: choose

Configure the Presslabs Dashboard 2

You also have to aprove:

  • I acknowledge that Config Connector must be installed for Presslabs Dashboard to function properly
  • I acknowledge that Workload identity must be enabled for Presslabs Dashboard to function properly

These are related to the prerequisites steps for installing Dashboard. If you've carefully followed all the steps in Presslabs Dashboard Prerequisites just check them press Deploy.

Presslabs Dashboard installed

That's it, you've successfully deployed the Presslabs Dashboard. All that's left to do now is set the DNS records at your DNS provider.

For example, if you've chosen the domain for your Presslabs Dashboard domain, you'll need to add an A record for the subdomain dash and the Ingress IP Address you see in your Presslabs Dashboard app. Here is an example on Cloudflare:

Set up the DNS record for your Presslabs Dashboard

Now go ahead and Create your first site .

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