Setup Authentication

Step by step instructions on how to setup your credentials that will allow you to login into the Presslabs Dashboard.

We offer two possibilities to setup your credentials for the Presslabs Dashboard, either by creating an Auth0 account and application or by using Google’s OAuth 2.0 .

Option 1: Create an AuthO account and application

Step 1: Create the AuthO account and application

  1. Go to the website and create a new account.

  2. Create an Auth0 Application (e.g you can name it Presslabs Dashboard): Create an Auth0 application

  3. Choose the application type Regular Web Application Choose the application type

  4. Go to the application Settings and note down the following:

    • Domain (OIDC Issuer)
    • Client ID

    Note down Auth0 application credentials

  5. Complete the following in the application Settings:

    • Token Endpoint Authentication Method: Post
    • Allowed Callback URLs: https://DOMAIN
    • Application Login URI: https://DOMAIN
    • Allowed Web Origins: https://DOMAIN,

    where https://DOMAIN is the domain that you chose for the Presslabs Dashboard when you installed it , e.g.

    Fill in Auth0 application details

Step 2. Allow access to the Auth0’s management API from application

  1. In the Auth0 dashboard, go to APIs section of the main menu Auth0 APIs Dashboard

  2. In Auth0 Management API, go to Machine To Machine Applications Auth0 - Machine To Machine Applications

  3. Make sure that Presslabs Dashboard application is authorized and it has read:users permissions. (You do that by expanding the Presslabs Dashboard application from the list)

    Autorize the Presslabs Dashboard

    Don’t forget to press the Update button after grating the user permissions!

Option 2: Create Google OAuth credentials

In Google Cloud Platform, go to the Credentials page on APIs & Services -> Credentials and choose Create Credentials, the select OAuth client ID. Make sure you have selected the project where you’ve installed the Presslabs Dashboard in.

Create Google OAuth Credentials

Here you need to choose the application type Web Application and insert the domain that you choose for the Presslabs Dashboard when you installed it, e.g. https://DOMAIN.

Create Google OAuth Credentials

Click on Create and you’re all set. Note down the following because you need them to Configure Dashboard :

  • OIDC ISSUER, which is

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