Upgrade the Presslabs Dashboard

If you have already installed the Presslabs Dashboard and you want to use a newer version, here is how to upgrade it.


All Dashboard features are available only for Kubernetes 1.15 and Kubernetes 1.16, so make sure to have a Static version for your cluster with these versions.


The upgrade from version 1.4 to 1.5 will cause a short downtime for all the sites running on the Dashboard, for up to 5 minutes depending on your workload.

To upgrade the Presslabs Dashboard, you need to install the new release and then delete the old Dashboard version.


You need to install the new release and wait for it to be ready. Only then you can remove the old dashboard release.

To install a new release, follow the steps from how to install the Dashboard , taking into consideration:

  • install it into the same namespace where you have the current Dashboard version
  • for the new application use a different name from the current application.

To delete the old Dashboard version, go to Kubernetes Engine -> Applications and delete it from here. For example, if you upgrade from version 1.3 to version 1.4, you have to delete the 1.3 version:

Remove old Dashboard app


Version 1.4 of the Presslabs Dashboard comes with a rewrite of the installation and configuration process. This is why when you upgrade it to version 1.4, you have to go to the Presslabs Dashboard Application from GCP and copy the installation link in your browser.

Dashboard Application install link

This will lead you to the configuration wizard, see more on how to configure the Dashboard .

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