Sites on the Presslabs Dashboard

Here is the detailed description of all the sections of a site in the Presslabs Dashboard.

Site Overview

A bird's-eye view over the components of your site: scaling status, components status, runtime information, as well as information about your Google Cloud account.

Getting Started

Here you'll find concise steps and pre-filled commands to perform common operations.


Here you can see your IP Address and manage your domain.


Configure the resources for WordPress and Memcached, such as scaling settings and scheduling rules.

Page Caching

Configure full page cache for your site to increase performance and ease the load on your WordPress pods.


In this section you can create custom environment variables, that you can later use in your code.


You need to fill in these SMTP settings in order to send emails from your site.


This Events section contains logs about the events that take place within your site.


When you click on the Logs section, you'll be redirected to your Google account, to the Google logging page, where you can see your site logs, as well as other components logs.

Site Settings

The Settings page allows you to delete your site.


See your Docker Image, Kubernetes Project Namespace and Kubernetes Site Name.