Getting Started

Here you'll find concise steps and pre-filled commands to perform common operations.

The Getting Started section is split in 4 tabs:

  • Connect to the database
  • Access the media files
  • Run WP-CLI
  • Deploy code updates

For a more detailed tutorial on how to use these commands check our tutorial How to migrate your site .

Connect to the database

You need to follow the steps found here in order to:

  • Forward the MySQL port to your localhost
  • Get the MySQL credentials
  • Connect to the MySQL instance

How to connect to the database

Access the media files

Here you have easy access to the Google Cloud Console to manage your media assets, as well as instructions on how to use the CLI.

How to access your media files

Your storage bucket on Google Cloud


You can run WP-CLI commands by connecting to the containers running your WordPress site. To do this, you need to find the name of the pod to connect to and then use kubectl to run WP-CLI, and you have the necessary commnads listed in this section:

How to run WP-CLI

Deploy code updates

Here you'll find how to deploy code updates by running a new rolling deployment using kubectl.

Sites running on Presslabs Dashboard should follow the guidelines described in the Presslabs Stack documentation .

To update the WordPress image you need to find the command found here and replace DOCKER_IMAGE with your desired docker image:

How to deploy code updates

See Also


In this section you can create custom environment variables, that you can later use in your code.


This Events section contains logs about the events that take place within your site.


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