Development section overview

This is the section of the Presslabs Dashboard where you can tune the development section for your sites.

Escaped query arguments

Starting with April 2016 we have released an improved caching mechanism where we’re stripping down all the parameters which are not standard. In other words non-standard parameters are not passed to the backend (where php gets executed). This is the place where you can add arguments that will be passed to the backend (but still cached by our systems). After adding a new argument you can press Tab, Space or Enter to add it to the list. Make sure to click on Save changes for the new arguments to be taken into account.

Development flags

This is the place where you can set different development flags which are explained in our logs section.

Again make sure to click on Save changes for these flags to take effect.

Error log

This last section of our dashboard displays the actual logs of your site, depending on the flags that are set. You also have the possibility to search/filter the logs.

Please note that the logs are kept for one week, therefore you won't be able to access logs older than one week. Please get in touch with our support team in case you need older logs.

Shared access

Shared access allows users with an account on the Presslabs dashboard to be granted rights for each site separately, with different levels of permissions.

Access to the shared sites is available from the side menu of the Dashboard, as with regular sites.

You can add users from the Development tab of your site, the “ Shared Access” tab. The new user can be added based on username or email. Each user has read/ write access to the site code, via Git or SFTP. Access info can be found in the Access tab of the Dashboard, as with regular sites.

We have 2 levels of permissions: Admin and Developer. Admins have full access to all the features and can add and delete Developers. Developers have access only to the Cache and Development tabs in the Dashboard.

All users can see the details for the other users of a shared site, such as name, email, access level, in the “ Shared Instance” tab.