Stats section overview

In this area of our dashboard you have access to various stats regarding your site. Please find below the details for each stats tab. All the information (time-zone related) is presented based on the local time and settings of your computer.

Click on the arrows next to the tab name to refresh the data. Please note that the last point to the right contains up-to-now information, meaning the hourly stats contain information for the current hour (since the hour has started), respectively for the current day and the current month.

Page views

These graphs show the number of page views that we count using our own counting mechanism. Your invoice charge is based on these numbers and you can see separate stats hourly for the last day, daily for the last 30 days and monthly for the last two years. While the stats you see contain the page views based on the local settings of your computer, we calculate and invoice every month based on UTC time zone, therefore you might see slight differences between the exact number of page views from your invoice as compared with the one form the Presslabs dashboard. This situation is however settled from one month to the other.


While we don't actually use the bandwidth information for invoices, we display it for informational purposes, so you can be aware of how much your site consumes.


This tabs shows the percentage of requests served with errors from the total number of requests that we see both on the public page and on the wp-admin area. Please let us know as soon as you notice something unusual on this tab.

Ajax requests

Certain plugins and themes use Ajax requests to display real time information, like number of shares or comments, or sometimes to load new posts (for infinite scroll sites). Most of the times these requests flood the backend of your site, slowing down the wp-admin area and the site for all logged in users. In case you recently changed your theme or just activated a new plugin and everything seems slower than before, this is a good place to start looking for the source.