Site access on Presslabs

This section is meant to give you information about the way you can access your site's files. There are multiple ways to get access to your site and you'll find them described below.

1. SFTP Access

We use SFTP for accessing your site's files. Our SFTP server consists of the site code mounted from our Git servers using gitfs together with the uploads folder that is mounted from our ZFS storage servers stack. You therefore have all the files in one place.

SFTP Credentials

You can find the SFTP connection details in our dashboard -> Access menu. The first time you created an account with Presslabs you need to generate the SFTP password, then you can regenerate it every time you need it, from the same page.


At this moment you cannot give access to another user via SFTP to one or more of your sites. We're working on having this implemented in Q2 2016.

SFTP Software

We recently had multiple issues with FileZilla, and therefore we're not recommending it anymore. Instead of FileZilla we recommend using CyberDuck, which has very good features and has worked without any issues with our SFTP servers.

2. Git Access

The recommended alternative for accessing your site's code (themes, plugins and the files from the root of your site) is by using Git. In case you need to give access to one or more developers to your site's code there are 2 alternatives:

  • You add their public SSH Key in the Access menu from the Presslabs dashboard. In this way they'll be granted Git access to all the sites from your account.
  • You ask them to create a Presslabs account (free!) and then requests Git access to one or more of your sites, by writing and e-mail to

You then can get the Git clone URL's from the same Access page from the Presslabs dashboard.

3. wp-admin Access

Our support team has by default secured access to your site's wp-admin. While the support account needs to have a password, which is randomly generated from 64 characters, we don't use a password to connect, but a secured token that is only active for a limited amount of time. If for any reason you don't want to give access to our support team to your site's wp-admin, you can disable it from the Access page of the Presslabs dashboard. Please note that without wp-admin access we might not be able to offer you a proper support.

4. Database Access

We're not allowing direct DB access using phpMyAdmin or other similar tools because of security reasons. We therefore recommend using the needed DB operations by following our development guidelines. If that's not possible please submit a support request and we'll gladly help you out with those operations or with a DataBase dump.