Migrate a site to Presslabs

Changing hosts can be a big pain especially if you're not used to do this. This is one of the reasons why all migrations to Presslabs are handled by our own engineers. Other reasons for handling the migration ourselves are:

  • making sure all content is being copied over properly
  • checking that the site behaves properly on our platform
  • removing the plugins that are known to break sites, especially in high traffic
  • taking this burden off the site owner's shoulders
  • ensuring no downtime takes place during the migration

Moving further on, this is in short the process of the migration step by step:

  1. we request and check the credentials from the existing host. SSH access is preferred to ensure a quick & flawless copy of content. Alternatives include cPanel/WHM access or even a full backup provided from a download link.
  2. some DNS record changes are needed, like lowering the TTL of the main A-record of the site and the CDN sub-domain record.
  3. we make a 1:1 replica of the site on our servers. This may take several days depending on the amount of data that needs to be copied over.
  4. we make an initial check of the site on our platform and fix any errors we find
  5. the owner checks the site using an /etc/hosts setup and gives the final green light
  6. we make the final sync of data. This is generally a period of 1-2 hours when content editing needs to be paused to ensure no data is lost.
  7. we change the main IP address of the site to point to Presslabs
  8. the name servers are changed to point to Presslabs name servers.

The whole process can take up to one week depending on the amount of data to be copied as well as having access to the right places (e.g. DNS manager).

After the migration is finished we usually come up with a set of optimisation proposals that cover the set of plugins used, the theme and/or the DB. Depending on the situation, we might recommend discussing with a developer for some of the optimisations needed for your site to perform optimally on our platform.