Presslabs support communication

There are multiple cases when we need to communicate with our customers and here's the set of tools and places where we're updating the status of our services, maintenances and other interventions that are absolutely needed for a healthy hosting service.

Where can I check the service status and maintenance announcements?

we're using a single point of information about our infrastructure on our status page:

This is the place where we:

  • announce planned maintenances on our platform
  • update regularly in case of an outage or service disruption of any kind
  • update the actual status of each of our platform's components


Please subscribe to updates by clicking on the Subscribe to Updates button in the top right corner of the page. This will send all communication on your e-mail address or in your RSS Reader, depending on your choice.

In case you spot something wrong with your site, please first check our status page mentioned above, then write us to This will ease our process and help us get it fixed faster.