clock Last Modified: February 6, 2019

Presslabs Banned Plugins

Plugins solve a lot of wants, but also bring a lot of don’ts. We’ve compiled a list of banned plugins and the reasons we do not recommend using them on the sites we host our Presslabs platform.

WordPress is so powerful because of the thousands of plugins and themes available out there. Unfortunately not all plugins are coded in the WordPress way and some of them can really harm a site, especially under high traffic conditions.

This is why we’ve put in place a list of banned plugins, which are not working on our platform for various reasons. Here’s the list of them, with some explanation about why we ban them and also a replacement recommendation.

Plugins that interfere with our built-in ones

Caching plugins

Missed schedules plugins

We already have a solution in place for posts missing their scheduled auto post time

  • Missed Scheduled
  • WP Missed Schedule Fix Failed Future Posts

Other built-in plugins

Plugins affecting the site performance

For all related posts plugins we recommend using either YARPP or a plugin based on an external service such as Contextly.

Most visited posts plugins

These plugins usually write in the DB every page view for every post. You can imagine that this is not a very good practice for sites with hundreds of thousands of views (either per day, week or month). We have built for this the plugin Toplytics which pulls this data from your Google Analytics account and safely serves it as a configurable widget and we strongly recommend it as an alternative for all the plugins below.

Plugins doing dynamic requests at every click

This set of plugins is doing dynamic requests to WordPress’ backend breaking our caching mechanism and bringing sites down.

SQL heavy plugins

These plugins put a lot of pressure on the SQL, either by doing tons of useless queries, either by running giant queries which are clogging the database, or by writing huge options in the DB.

Other plugins affecting the site performance

Plugins that interfere with our security policy

DataBase access plugins

Based on our security policy we don’t allow direct DB access in order to avoid possible exploits and hacks through DB queries. Here’s a list of banned plugins because of that.

Backup plugins

We have a very tight backup policy which enables backups on multiple layers and in different locations. Most backup plugins are not friendly with sites having a large DB or tens of GB of data in their uploads folder. You can request a Media Files backup or a database one from the Snaphots section of the Presslabs dashboard. In case you want a custom backup of your site, please contact our support team.

Other plugins with security risks

Other plugins that are banned