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Hosting features

We listen to publishers when tailoring our feature set.

Quality of service

We are monitoring the entire site and providing you with qualitative insights on how content is served to readers.

Geographic serving

Helium subscribers benefit from latency-based geographical serving from 6 data centers around the world.

Update management

Never get left behind with automatic, curated WordPress updates. Taking care of core and security updates is entirely our responsibility.

Plugins from the official WordPress repository are also updated, but you can opt out and do it manually.

Caching layer

Built on top of Nginx, our caching layer will supercharge your website to speeds you never imagined with no configuration needed on your part.

Content Delivery Network

We provide a built-in CDN as part of our hosting package to speed up static content access. The CDN serves your readers from two locations, one in the US, the other one in Europe, based on the smaller latency.

Secure file system access

All your content can be accessed safely through the encrypted Secure File Transfer Protocol. Additionally, you cannot go wrong with a poor password because we generate them for you.

With all change history at hand, you can easily do a rollback to any point in time.

Git integration

Git is built deep into the core of Presslabs.

Use it to automagically deploy your changes in a safe and managed way.

Secure dashboard

Your WordPress dashboard is secured by default on our setup.

We're using HTTPS for all actions made by your editors to keep sensitive information, such as passwords, safe at all times, irrespective of the security of their current connection.

Daily full backups

You can never be too careful, which is why we do full daily backups of your database, code, and content files, that you can access on Amazon's S3 on request.

24/7 Service monitoring

Both personnel and automatic monitoring are on a lookout for possible issues. If something does happen, you will be notified immediately, even if the problem doesn't occur on our end.

Our public service status page is available here.


A hardware failure will not interfere with the experience of your users because all the equipment used in our platform is fail-safe.

Hardware & data center

Our equipment is hosted in 12 different data centers around the world.

High availability DNS

The DNS is a real Achilles' heel for websites. If it breaks, it can make your public site as well as additional services inaccessible.

That's the reason why we're using Amazon's top of the line Route 53 for our system.