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Caching explained

Our smart caching layer generates every page of your website before any un-logged reader requests it. Here's how to take control of it.


Development guidelines

We consider software version control to be the central point of good software development. For this reason, we use the Presslabs-provided Git repository as the source of truth.


Development environment

We're offering a custom-made Vagrant as the default tool for developers that need to work on the WordPress sites hosted on Presslabs.

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DNS and nameservers

Here's how to use our DNS manager and update your DNS records. We use Amazon Route53 for high availability DNS.

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Our backup policy explained. Doing backups is a must nowaday so this is why we have a multi-layered backup policy.

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Migrating to Presslabs

Changing hosts can be a big pain especially if you're not used to do this. This is one of the reasons why all migrations to Presslabs are handled by our own engineers.

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Invoicing and payments

We use a pretty simple invoicing model that is very similar with any utility billing (electricity, gas, telephony).

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Embedded CDN

We have built our own CDN (Content Delivery Network) built specifically for WordPress. In this section you'll find out more information about our CDN..

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We're very proud to have the entire engineering team doing customer support, including our founders and CEO..

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Service status

There are multiple cases when we need to communicate with our customers and here's the set of tools and places where we're updating the status of our services, maintenances and other intervetions that are absolutely needed for a healty hosting service.

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Banned plugins

WordPress is so powerful because of the thousands of plugins and themes available out there. Unfortunately not all plugins are coded in the WordPress way and some of them can really harm a site, especially under high traffic conditions.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I access the backups if I need one?

If you need backups of your site's database or files, an email sent to your account manager will be sufficient for you to get in return a download link.

What kind of backup do you have?

We keep full daily snapshots of the database, code, and files which we keep for 30 days in multiple data centers. We also do incremental snapshots every 15 minutes which we keep for one day only.

Do I have access to PHP logs?

Yes, you do have access to real-time PHP error logs in the Log menu of the Presslabs Dashboard.

How long are the logs being kept?

We keep HTTP access logs for an indefinite period of time. PHP error logs that are available under the Logs menu in the Presslabs Dashboard are stored for one month only.

Where can I find the DNS Manager?

If you need backups of your site's database or files, an email sent to your account manager will be sufficient for you to get in return a download link.

How can I check if everything is ok with my site?

Say some readers reported issues on the site. You can check the health status of your site in the Presslabs Dashboard by selecting the site and then the Stats menu. Now click on the “Errors” tab and you’ll see your error rate on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis.

How can I update WordPress?

Keeping your WordPress core updated is an operation that is 100% our responsibility. While security releases are deployed in a matter of hours, at most, after they are public, major WordPress updates are usually performed in about 7 days.This is to ensure that plugin and theme developers are properly testing their code on the new WordPress version and all major issues are corrected. Should you need a quick update after a major release, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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