Managing security certificates

How to add an already purchased certificate:


If you want to get a new certificate, you can start the process of obtaining certificate signing requests (CSR):



A CSR is a block of encrypted text that contains information about our customer’s organization and will be used by the certificate authority to generate the certificate.

CSRs can be obtained in the Certificate Signing Requests section of the Certificates page, by pressing “Obtain a CSR” and filling in the form.


Existing CSRs can be viewed and discarded in the same section.


After obtaining a certificate using a CSR generated by Presslabs, the customer can add the certificate into the system by clicking ‘Add Certificate’ on the corresponding CSR.


Existing certificates can be seen in the Custom Certificates section of the Certificates page. There is also an option to remove these certificates, which only works if the certificates are not being used.


In the Domains section of the Settings page of an instance, the customer can choose between each valid custom certificate of a domain and the option of letting Presslabs manage the certificates.

Note: Removing a domain does not remove the associated certificate.


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