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Do you share our passion to make WordPress better for millions of people? Would you like to give us a helping hand in bringing hospitality to web hosting?


Working at Presslabs

At Presslabs we strive to be helpful, honest and responsible with our team, our customers,the community we live in and also beyond, to positively influence the experience of millions of readers online, from our head office in Timisoara, Romania.

If you join us, you will be a part of our ambitious startup working culture where you'll be encouraged to say loud and clear what you think and what you want. Don't be surprised by how short and fast the road from idea to reality is here at Presslabs.

The magical place where we touch Linux, Python, nginx and WordPress Where the WordPress magic takes place The hosting control headquarters Timisoara, the realm of web

Our offer

Consists of working in an innovative company, where self-teaching and new ideas are highly welcomed. If there's something specific that you are looking for (including salary), ask for it. We value the peace of mind of our employees and we encourage them to speak directly and freely about anything.

If you believe you're a good fit for any of our open positions, drop us an e-mail at jobs(at) attaching your resume, including previous experience and projects.

We're looking to strengthen our team based in Timisoara with the following players:


Operations engineer

Some of the main responsibilities of this position include
  • server operations planning and executing
  • networking infrastructure maintaining and optimizing
  • system monitoring and incident intervention (paging availability)
  • access policy controling and security enforcing
  • working with large datasets
  • deployments automation and other operations
You'll work with:
  • LXC – Linux containers
  • Nginx and LUA
  • Ansible and Synctool
  • ZFS and NFS

We value mostly the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new tools and requirements.

You need these skills to work with us:
  • fluence in written and spoken English
  • proactivity and taking initiative
  • ability to make decisions
Technical knowledge:
  • good understanding of Linux internals, storage systems and networking Ubuntu/Debian system administration
  • cloud and virtualization techonologies
  • configuration and orchestration tools
  • Python and BASH programming
  • Git and building Launchpad PPAs
You have a plus if you:
  • have previously worked with dedicated server providers
  • have previously managed a computer network


Python Developer

We are looking for a Python developer to work with us on developing our customer dashboard.

Here’s some of the responsibilities:
  • developing and optimizing the current dashboard application
  • implement new features
  • keep it updated with Presslabs platform changes
Required skills:
  • Django/Python experience
  • HTML/CSS knowlege is a plus
  • interest in developing, optimizing and updating a cool web application!


WordPress Developer

Among the responsibilities of this position we can mention:
  • migration of new customers to our hosting platform
  • compatibility check with our service for new customers
  • custom development for existing/potential hosting customers, as well as for our platform
  • offering alternative solutions for customers having incompatibilities with our platform
  • taking care of customer updates (core WordPress, plugins, themes)
  • other WordPress related tasks (including offering free support on forums during spare times)
Required skills and abilities:
  • we value mostly the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new tools and requirements
  • WordPress development experience (the more, the better)
  • PHP/HTML/CSS knowledge
  • Linux basic knowledge (ssh, rsync, ftp)
  • MySQL basic knowledge (phpMyAdmin, basic command lines)
  • SEO knowledge (at any level) is a plus

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