The new WordPress image build process for Stack is live

Until now, we only allowed one type of deployment using a slightly modified Bedrock base container with a “classic” WordPress repository. We announced that work is in progress to rewrite this and allow two container build flavors:

We continue to allow deployment from git, but the repo must follow the classic setup and file layout. The deployment from git now uses a WordPress “classic” base image.

As promised, the build allows customisation of NGINX, php.ini and wp-config.php.

We also provide a Presslabs Stack must-use plugin for WordPress ( which is a requirement for the Stack integrations to function properly. It handles:

  • uploading and serving media files from object storage systems such as Google Cloud Storage or AWS S3
  • object-cache implementation on top of memcached.

Feel free to let us know how your custom WordPress image builds work –for questions, the issues section of Stack is the best way to raise them.

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