Presslabs Stack is Your Open
WordPress Infrastructure

Presslabs Stack Infrastructure

The Presslabs Stack is the first open-source serverless hosting platform that bridges two major technologies: WordPress and Kubernetes.

Our Stack is currently the only open-source infrastructure available for WordPress environments of all kinds.

Announced at WordCamp Vienna 2018 in April, the Stack represents a promise to democratize scalable hosting infrastructure for good.

The Presslabs Stack has been developed with high respect for quality and its being licensed under Apache License Version 2.0.


Be the only owner of your data, now and always


Runs in the cloud as well as in your data center


Avoid vendor lock-in, move data freely between providers


Self-scaling infrastructure that really works


Advanced backup policies for complex environments


Standardized metrics collection and alerting


Superior efficiency in resource usage and costs

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e.g: For hosting my sites, for hosting my customer, for starting a WordPress hosting business

Enterprise environments

Tech-savvy Enterprise customers which currently use WordPress, aiming to run their own infrastructure.

WooCommerce shops

E-commerce businesses with complex requirements and heavy back-end processing, where response time impacts sales.

Self-hosting agencies

Digital agencies providing WordPress services, including in-house, white-labeled hosting for their customers.

Hosting companies

Hosting companies aiming to adopt modern technologies, and make more efficient use of their computing resources.

Stack components

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