At Presslabs, signed contracts represent a prerequisite to secure our collaborations with our clients. Here you can check out the structure and interactions of such a contract.

The Basis

We’re exchanging services in a global market, which requires paying high attention to the legal and financial rules of the countries our clients and providers operate in. The more entities you exchange services with, the more entangled and time-consuming the entire process is; thus, the communication, payments and administrative obligations often present big challenges.

At Presslabs, signed contracts represent a prerequisite to secure our collaborations with our clients. Managed hosting means a high degree of commitment from both parties involved; continuously improving the performance of our clients’ websites is our shared responsibility. As we see them, contracts are the legal way of guaranteeing that we, as service providers, and our clients, as service users, are recipients of a fair trade.

Structure and Interactions

Our contracts contain essential information like particulars about the concluding parties, the provided services, price and payment method, contractual period and other clauses like the agreement of reading the Terms and Conditions. The contractual period is equal to one calendar month, and it is extended every month unless one party notifies the other that it wishes to terminate the receiving/giving of the service.

Furthermore, it is issued an additional document, called Notes, for each instance our client has, without the need of a signature. Dev sites are included in the Development Package, without any additional costs or documents. In the case of a client wishing a special offer, it is generated an additional corresponding contract. Any tariff change is made based on a contract.

Contracts and Terms and Conditions are found on our dashboard, in the Legal section . Actions like downloading the desired document, and the Terms and Conditions in English and Romanian, are available.

Privacy and Storage

Providing a secure location for storing the contracts and necessary documents is essential for us. We make use of Dropbox, benefiting the ease of use, to store the contracts and documents. Furthermore, all contracts are printed and stored physically at our headquarters. Only our founders and COO have access.