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Privacy Policy

Here is an overview of the Presslabs Privacy Policy, regarding general confidentiality policy, information we collect and the way we use it, as well as it’s security, and the legal framework.

General Confidentiality Policy

The confidentiality policy is applicable to all products, services and web pages offered by our company. In the eventuality in which some products, services or web pages benefit from a confidentiality policy different from the general one, this will be accessible together with the product service or web page offered.

Through the confidentiality policy, we understand to define the way in which the information to which we have access through our contract with you, will be registered, collected, organizes, activated, stoked, protected and managed by S.C. PRESSINFRA S.R.L. (further under the name of PRESSLABS)

Pieces of Information that We Collect and the Way We Use Them

When you require PRESSLABS services, we may ask personal information in order to identify you and in the event of contact (name/organization name, email address, contact address for the printed materials, telephone, tax attribute, etc.)

In the event of contacting the assistance department you might be asked for further information regarding your operating system, software and other technical details that can improve offering solutions for your assistance request.

Through the access of our products, services or PRESSLABS web pages, our servers will automatically collect some data, such as web application, your interaction with a service, IP address, browser type, browser language, date and time of your request.

The communication towards PRESSLABS through email can be recorded and stored in order to process your request, to respond to you claims and to improve our products, services and websites.

It is possible to use the collected information in order to provide, maintain, protect and improve our services and to develop new ones.

If we use the collected information in a different purpose than for which it was collected and presented above, we will ask consent before doing so.

PRESSLABS processes the collected information on Romanian servers and abroad. In some situations it may be possible to process the obtained information outside your country.

Security of the Collected Pieces of Information

PRESSLABS will apply adequate technical and organizing measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access.

The applied measures will be according to the global technical progress so that to ashore an adequate security level in terms of risks presented by the processing and regarding the data nature which need protection.

The access to the collected data is limited to PRESSLABS employee and to our contractors, which are subject to confidentiality obligations whose violation will attract penalties stipulated by the applicable rules.

The pieces of information given out by clients, when contracting products, services or web pages are absolutely confidential.

These collected pieces of information will be used for providing and enhance products, services, web pages requested. They will not be send to other parties or used for other purposes without prior consent. The privacy policy covers all pieces of information that PRESSLABS will register, collect, organize, archive, store, protect and manage.

If PRESSLABS will be involved in a merger, acquisition or in any form of sale of all its assets or a portion thereof, we will ensure confidentiality of all personal information involved in this type of transaction and we will send notice before any personal information may be transferred and be subject to different privacy policy, according to the applicable national law.

Changes Brought to the General Confidentiality Policy

We ask that you take into consideration the fact that this general confidentiality Policy can be periodically modified without previous notice. Your rights arising from the Privacy Policy will not be reduced without your consent. Changes brought to the general privacy Policy will be posted on this page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide notice of the new provisions.

The presented general confidentiality policy was drawn by respecting the principles set forth in legal acts with related content, namely Law No. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and free movement of such data, the Law 365/2002 regarding electronic commerce and Ordinance No.130/2000 on consumer protection in distance contract conclusions and further amendment.