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Secure, made-to-measure, blazing fast infrastructure. Now augmented by WordPress Intelligence for complex setups.

Enterprise WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks (2018)

A regular in our testing, this is the first year Presslabs jumped up to compete in the Enterprise tier. And they did fantastic. 100% uptime. Almost no errors on Load Storm and a perfect Load Impact test. They even had the best rating on their SSL certificate. Great to see Presslabs jump up to play with the biggest boys and earn a Top Tier performance award.


Founder at Review Signal

Data Visualisation

WordPress Intelligence is the newest feature to be integrated into the Presslabs dashboard, focusing on performance measurements to help website owners make data-driven decisions. Users can now benefit from actionable technical insights to recognize performance impacting events and discover hidden opportunities to unlock revenue growth.

Presslabs Managed WordPress - Frontend


Makes sure visitors are properly served, at all times, everywhere on the site. The quality of the service can be monitored via HTTP response types. Read more about it here.

Presslabs Managed WordPress - Backend


Get at a glance an overview of logged-in user activity on your WordPress dashboard, split on HTTP response types. See how this can be correlated with other metrics here.

Presslabs Managed WordPress - CDN


The integrated CDN service from Presslabs, optimized for serving WordPress media content is monitored at all times, allowing for an overview of the way static resources are served. Learn why this is crucial for today’s complex client-side media and JS.

Presslabs Managed WordPress - Cache


Understand visually how the embedded caching service helps you squeeze the most possible client-side performance for your site. Here is how your engineers can quickly identify possible optimizations.

Presslabs Managed WordPress - Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

  • granular access management to organize internal teams, from developers to editors

  • development quality assessment, including third-party monitoring and alerting for errors

  • continuous R&D efforts with a high ratio of developers in the team

Advanced infrastructure for a better WordPress hosting experience

Over the course of the past 8 years, our team has worked hard on building a blazing fast and highly-available WordPress hosting infrastructure.

Geographical Distribution

Geographical Distribution

A geographical distribution spread across 6 continents. Ultra-fast response times and a highly-available infrastructure, always.

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Failover Policies Systems

Failover Policies Systems

100% uptime guaranteed, as a result of our DNS-based failover system and automatic system healing.

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Support and best practices

Support and best practices

Enterprise accounts benefit from the support of a dedicated account manager.

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WordPress security policy — our responsibility

We use modern tools and extensive technical experience to ensure the safety of the user’s site and data.


HTTPS WP-admin Encryption

We’re permanently securing data exchanges between devices and the WP-admin accounts, passwords and editorial contents included.


Denial of Service Attacks

In case of denial of service attack attempts, we are taking action to mitigate the risk and identify the source, keeping the site in proper working conditions.


Incident Handling

In case of suspicious security incidents, we are investigating responses and we recommend appropriate courses of action.



We are managing firewall rules to limit access only to publicly intended resources, in legitimate usage patterns.


OS Maintenance

We permanently keep physical and virtual machines up-to-date with the latest LTS operating system versions.


WP-core Upgrades Policy

We are managing firewall rules to limit access only to publicly intended resources, in legitimate usage patterns. We are performing tested upgrades of WordPress core functions and take full responsibility for the process.


Scraping Control

We’re filtering scraping activity that affects performance and service integrity.


Resource Monitoring

We’re automatically monitoring traffic and usage patterns that pass over established thresholds and throttle them.


Inter and Intra Data Center Security

Our equipment is located in standardized data center facilities with clear contracts concerning data access and security. Physical access is audited as well.


WordPress Filtering

We implement strict checks for php execution and limit allowed pass-through parameters based on the WordPress Codex.


Staff Access Guaranteed

We assume full responsibility for data access, as our staff includes both support and infrastructure engineers alike.


Trails Audit

All dashboard actions performed by your team, as well as our support, are tracked and ready for audit.

WordPress security policy — user's responsibility

The following points represent our recommendations for our users in order to ensure a healthy security level.


Maintaining Non-open-source Code

Using purchased plugins or themes raises the risk of vulnerabilities. Renew subscriptions to always keep the commercial code up-to-date.


Third-party Inserted Code

Code snippets (other than ads) inserted into the site’s source code expose website visitors, in case of intrusion. Reduce to a minimum the amount of external calls and review periodically the site code for outdated references.


Open-source Plugins

We advise our users to keep open-source plugins up-to-date, by all means to prevent potential security threats.


Ad Code

Advertising-related code inputs are most likely hosted by third-parties and, in case of intrusion on their systems, your site and your visitors are at risk. Always work with highly trusted ad networks.


Physical Access to Computers and Devices

Don’t authorize access to open sessions in browsers while logged in on dashboards.

Consider encrypting your storage and use strong passwords.


Access Management for Collaborators

Carefully select and instruct people you work with and trust. If given to disloyal people, your site may get harmed.


Password Management

Weak passwords can become the gateway to undesired events. Use strong passwords, change them often and keep them only in trusted password management services.


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