Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Maintaining non-open-source code

Using purchased plugins or themes rises the risk of vulnerabilities.
Renew subscriptions to be able to always keep the commercial code up-to-date.


All third-party code inserted, other than ads

Code snippets inserted in your site’s source code expose your visitors, in case of intrusion.
Reduce to a minimum the amount of external calls and review periodically your site code for outdated references.


Open-source plugins update

The more code you have, the more potential security risks may arise.
Keep open-source plugins, by all means, up-to-date.


Ad code

Advertisements used on your site are most likely hosted by third-parties and in case of intrusion on their systems, your site and your visitors are at risk.
Always work with highly trusted ad networks.


Physical access to computer and devices

Don’t authorize access to open sessions in browsers while logged in on dashboards.
Consider encrypting your storage and use strong passwords.


Collaborators' access management

Control the access to your site. If given to the disloyal people, your site may get harmed.
Carefully select and instruct people you work with and trust.


Password management

Weak passwords can become the gateway to undesired activities on your accounts.
Use strong passwords, change them often and keep them only in trusted password management services.