Presslabs specializes in WordPress hosting, our mission being to bring hospitality to this field. We see publishers as our valued guests, and we are dedicated to helping them welcome their readers as well.


Additional $0.10 per 1000 page views.

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Fast everywhere

We're serving your readers fast using our enterprise caching layer and geograhical serving of your site. A reader located in Sydney, Australia is served equally fast as a reader from London, UK or from San Francisco,US.


Up, no matter what

High availability for the public site is insured using a mix of providers and locations from which your site is served to readers.


Content Delivery Network

Image and static files are served from the Presslabs WordPress-centric CDN, optimized for media used normally in publishing content.

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Sane deployment process

Git is built deep into the core of Presslabs. Use it to automagically deploy code changes in a safe and managed way.

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Development environment

Presslabs provides testing environments both for local and for remote development.

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Logging and metrics

As a complement, Presslabs gives developers relevant insight into how your site works.

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WordPress Multisite

We support WordPress Multisite ( with subfolders only.

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Easy site storage and management

Customers can store and manage their site from Github or Bitbucket directly. This means developers can simply do a github push to deploy changes. The plugins and themes can be stored and worked on directly on Github.

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Continuous monitoring and improvement

Third party tools monitor your site continuously and convert malfunctions automatically into support tickets handled by the Presslabs engineers.


Shared site access for developers

Shared access allows users with an account on the Presslabs dashboard to be granted rights for each site separately, with different levels of permissions. Access to the shared sites is available from the side menu of the Dashboard, as with regular sites.

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Joining Presslabs was the best thing that could happen to No more worries about huge spikes or downtime, Presslabs handles everything and the support has been just amazing. Cris NikolovCris Nikolov • MotivationGrid
I will bet you one insanely detailed picture of Pid'jin eating pasta out of a smoking, flame-eaten server that our site will not crash. (at least that's what our hosting guys tell us). edit: Still not crashed! This just earned a shout-out to our wonderful host, Presslabs. Eugen ErhanEugen Erhan • Fredo&Pid'jin
As an early Presslabs adopter, I've experienced the company's consistent ‘Grade A' customer service since day one. The days of worrying about hosting downtime, backups and other troubleshooting issues were solved once moving to Presslabs. These guys know their stuff and with hosting matters out of the way, it enabled us laser focus on producing great content for our readers. Gary NgGary Ng • iPhone in Canada

For custom needs feel free to get in touch with our tech team, directly.