Presslabs backup policy

Doing backups is a must these days. This is why here at Presslabs we have a multi-layered backup policy, trying to minimise data loss down to zero in case of any event.

1. Site code

By site code we mean all the files that stay in WordPress wp-content folder except uploads and upgrades folders. This means all the theme and plugin files, together will all the files that are stored in the root folder of your site, e.g.

All these files are stored on our Git servers stack and they’re versioned after each time a file is modified, as Git commits. This makes it very easy to restore any change to any file using Git commands.

Currently the history of changes stored in the Git repo isn’t limited in time or number of commits.

2. Static files and database

Daily backups are done using Velero , an open-sourced tool to safely backup and restore data, perform disaster recovery, migrate the Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes. These daily backups are kept for 30 days and are used in case of disaster recovery.

For snapshots requested by our users at any time, the Ozone Controller creates a fresh snapshot on the spot that the user can download.


How can I have a backup of my site?

In case you want a backup of your site’s code (themes, plugins, etc.), you have to clone your site’s Git repository or access the Gitea web app . The site code can also be downloaded as an archive from Gitea.

In case you need a backup of your database or media files (WordPress uploads) — you can request one from the Managed Hosting Dashboard , from the tab Sites -> Snapshots.