Meet our Presslabs team

We see publishers as our valued guests, and we are dedicated to helping them welcome their readers as well.

Our mission

We’ve started our mission with the aim to bring hospitality to WordPress hosting. Our passion for advanced technologies is driving us towards democratizing the WordPress infrastructure as we know it.

Our values

We’re not crazy for rules, but we stick to the core principles that have been driving us since early 2011.


Customers or work colleagues, we are all part of a single team–“us”. What can be improved will be done so together.


There is no "best". There are only really good things that we are working on, and which we are continuously improving.


Being honest and transparent with a touch of modesty is the foundation of Presslabs.


We are actively contributing to the open software ecosystem and to our society, and to the environment.

The Presslabs people

We’re a team of bold creators building a one of a kind WordPress hosting infrastructure.

Bogdan Petrea

Bogdan Petrea

Software Engineer

Pedro Dobrescu

Pedro Dobrescu


Cristian Uibar

Cristian Uibar

Support Engineer

Denis Pintilie

Denis Pintilie

Support Engineer

Valentina Motrescu

Valentina Motrescu


Flavius Mecea

Flavius Mecea

Software Engineer

Robert Ștefan

Robert Ștefan

Software Engineer

Mihai Grescenko

Mihai Grescenko

UI/UX Designer & Developer

Dana Imbrescu

Dana Imbrescu

Marketing Specialist

Our Timeline

Follow our journey through the years, from our beginning in Berlin to our newly designed dashboard.


The Big Shift

As you’re reading this, we’re working on delivering our promise to turn the Presslabs Stack into the new standard in hosting infrastructure for enterprise WordPress websites, as well as to provide independent news organizations with an advanced, suite of tools to reach their audience in a safe way, for all.


The Beginning of the Kubernetes Era

We have embarked on a mission to democratize hosting and therefore we’ve embraced a truly open approach. Showcasing our technology, sharing our progress at events with global audiences and collecting valuable feedback was another great endeavor of the year. We’ve released into the wild the MySQL Operator, announced the WordPress Operator and boldly addressed our intentions with the brand new Presslabs Stack.


O3 - Oxygen

Launched O3, our newly designed dashboard. We introduced a series of features like WP Intelligence with performance and cache metrics, servers locations and bots stats. Open-sourced Zinc, a Route 53 zone manager.



We open-sourced Z3: an error-resilient ZFS to S3 backup tool, because we wanted to offer an extra safety step and minimize the risk of loss in the form of dependable off-site backups. It assures the security of our customer's data.


Top tier

We were named in the Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance league by ReviewSignal’s 2015 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks. Introduced Silver, a standalone Django app for automatic billing.


Helium, Gitium and Gitfs

Launched Helium, our geo-serving hosting package for WordPress. Open-sourced Gitium, a git integration for WP and Gitfs, a version controlled file system. They were pivotal projects that steered our infrastructure forward.


Breaking records

The year of breaking records: 150.000 real-time visitors on a single page, 6 million pageviews within an hour on a single site, 45 million pageviews during 24h on a single site and 2.2 billion pageviews on our busiest month.


Hydrogen powered WordPress

We introduced Hydrogen, a managed WordPress hosting service. It was built to be simple to use and extremely efficient for growing sites running WordPress. It is integrated with the Papertrail API on top of our logging architecture.


Berlin era

Presslabs was born. At first, we produced amazing WordPress hosting experience from Betahaus in Berlin, Germany and later on from our hometown, Timisoara in Romania. We introduced our control panel: O2 (Oxygen).


Second customer

We welcomed our second customer, Freshome. An interior design and architecture website, which had an astonishing growth through the years. We proudly provided high-class hosting experience.


First customer

Hosted our first customer, FREDO&PID’JIN, as a side job, while also working at an agency. To this day, we are still delighted to be collaborating.