Smart Dashboard for Agile Site Management

Get a new perspective of your work outcomes by using actionable data and proper WordPress development workflows specially designed for agencies and developers.

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State of the art WordPress development

We crafted an integrated solution built using a high quality infrastructure and data insights. Meet an unseen perspective of your website in a production environment, exclusively tailored for WordPress setups.

Streamlined development flows

Streamlined development flows

  • WordPress development workflows designed around Git

  • custom WordPress site code can be fully integrated with Github or Bitbucket to preserve existing processes such as issues or code reviews

  • one line Vagrant-based local development in addition to production replicas

Simple team management

Simple team management

  • organisation management with a proper granularity that fits complex and modern distributed team structures

  • detailed accountability of the actions performed

  • task deliverance in a controlled environment

Productivity tooling

Your dedicated WordPress hosting service in one single dashboard to help you integrate tools in an efficient workflow.


  • hands-on assistance for major deployments, available on demand

  • fast and easy deployment, thanks to web hooks that are used for push to deploy

  • CI tooling can be added in the deployment process

Core Assets Security

  • development and production environments activity check, due to clear performance metrics

  • harmful events detection and benchmarks with our maxim recommended value feature

  • correlate performance impact with changes performed on your sites and admin panel

Dev Activity Management

  • fully protected WordPress site, as we provide free HTTP/2 and Let’s Encrypt certificates

  • next-level security with A+ grade SSL solution

  • simple certificate management, thanks to our redesigned dashboard

Smart troubleshooting

Significantly reduce troubleshooting time with key metrics, grouped by template type, both for production and development sites.



Visually analyze MySQL behavior, in terms of number of queries per request, slow queries, and average query time, on front page, article page, and archive page.

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Inspect the cache response distribution, along with the percentage of Cache Hit, Cache Miss, and Cache Expired, to better manage your overall sites’ health.

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Set the log level for each of your sites, and analyze in real-time the logs of all the events, with their corresponding details and particularities.

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24/7 Monitoring

We alert you in case of suspicious activities or performance issues, automatically turning them into support tickets.

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