Version controlled file system

Users can now benefit from using a version-controlled environment without having to learn anything new.



Geographical serving

Available now in the Helium package.



Gitium. Versioning built into WordPress.

Gitium provides automatic git version control and deployment for wp-admin.

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Support like you’ve never experienced before
We estimate our ratio of customers per WordPress support engineer to be around 30 (yes, thirty). We do handle ourselves migrations, optimization and support, to be able to guarantee your data integrity and site performance.
Going beyond code updates.
Latency based
We present your global audience the entire content from the fastest data centers located near them. Expect huge improvements in response times and reader satisfaction.
Much more than a CDN.
Continuous performance optimization
We guard your rankings. We make sure you have impressive stats in Webmaster Tools and monitoring services. The secret sauce we are using is the continuous work we do for your site at all levels. Good enough is never good enough for us.
You get Web Performance Optimization.

4 Reasons to work with us

1Dedicated and flexible
This is not about servers, it's about our values. In our vision, dedication in hosting equals complete customer satisfaction. We understand that evolution generates complexity and we respect your work. We go beyond code updates and fixes, and we happily accept new feature requests. Meet our team
2We’re always responsible
We’ve carefully built our infrastructure to ensure maximum security and performance no matter what goes down: a server, a data center, an entire city, or a global provider. We look for redundancy everywhere, even in our 3rd backup layer. When half of the internet goes down, your site will stay up. Check our service status
3Pay for what you use
Our pricing is straightforward and predictable. It’s as simple as paying an utility bill. Your monthly invoice contains the fixed hosting subscription and the actual readers’ page views you’ve got during the previous month, close to the Google Analytics metrics. That’s all. See our price plans
4Quality beyond uptime
We go beyond third party service checks, and we provide entire website health monitoring, presented to you in a simple and concise way. In the background, we proactively take measures to avoid possible issues when we see them coming. Check out our easy-to-use dashboard

Facts that we are proud of:

140,000Real time visitors in Google Analytics, on a single site
6,000,000Page views within an hour,
on a single site
45,000,000Page views during 24h,
on a single site
2.1+ BillionPage views in our busiest
month, last November
Since customer one in 2009
In the current month
of outage in the past 12
months, maintenances included
Placed on 4 continents

Our facts are backed up by independent and reliable 24/7 monitoring. Check reports

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We only trust open source and give back to the communities we rely on

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