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Our entire WordPress hosting know-how has shaped today’s Presslabs Managed platform. We’ve built a bold infrastructure, with security and performance as our top priorities.

Presslabs Managed WordPress Documentation

Presslabs Managed WordPress

A friendly guide to our Smart Managed Hosting platform — tutorials, recommendations and ways to make the most of your Presslabs experience.

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Open-source Projects

We return the favour to other peer developers. You can find our learnings that we’ve earned during the past 8 years since building Presslabs, in the shape of mature open-source projects.


Version controlled file system made by Presslabs, to allow managed WordPress hosting customers to use at the same time Git and SFTP.

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A WordPress plugin that provides automatic Git version control and deployment for your plugins and themes integrated into wp-admin.

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Pyolite is a Python wrapper for Gitolite.

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Silver is a service for automatic billing. It assigns customers to plans and creates automatic invoice entries.

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WordPress plugin that takes your most visited posts from Google Analytics and displays them in a well optimized manner for performance.

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Z3 is a ZFS to S3 backup tool.

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Zinc is using Route 53’s Latency-Based Routing to make your site load as fast as possible.

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Zipa is a request wrapper to consume microservices and APIs.

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