Welcome to Presslabs!

We’re glad to have you on board! We’re here to help you to better manage your WordPress site, and to deliver the best viewing experience for your users. Managed WordPress hosting doesn’t have to be a hefty domain, thus, this documentation will try to shed light on the key elements.

Getting started

First things first, if you're a new Presslabs user, start with this section. You'll find out how to create a new WordPress site, or migrate an existing one; learn about our billing process, and see the ways you can contact us.

The Presslabs Dashboard

We pride ourselves with our modern Dashboard that encapsulates every aspect of managing a WordPress site. In this section you'll find every section of the Presslabs Dashboard described in great detail to help you use it in the most simple way, from how to flush a cache, to how to see the traffic with Ad Blocker.


We have an entire section dedicated to developers, where we've put in place a set of development guidelines, together with a description of our development environment. Here you can also find step-by-step tutorials about our Gitea interface and various Git clients.

Our Platform Specs

In this section you can learn more about what the Presslabs Specifications are, and how to get the best of our infrastructure. See the way our features work.