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Turn overlooked data into actionable insights

Presslabs puts you in a very comfortable seat with a 360ยบ overview of your site's performance, from which you can take data-driven decisions. Benefit from actionable points to save time, stay in complete control and continuously improve the KPIs of your business.

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The smart way forward is through performance insights

Metrics are collected using the most accurate and the least impacting method, grouped by page type, unlike third party plugins: processing of enhanced log data.

Successfully manage the factors
that impact your WordPress powered websites

With our integrated solution built on the highest quality infrastructure and data insights


WordPress Hosting where Quality of Service is measured
everywhere, at all times

We measure how well your WordPress site content is served to each of your visitors: human or crawlers.

4,340,394 Success (2xx codes)
1,381,824 Redirect (3xx codes)
118,213 Client Error (4xx codes)
1,395 Server Error (5xx codes)

Front-end Responses

The number of responses received by public site visitors, including bots, split by types: success, redirect, client error or server error. This information can help you identify patterns in your visitors' website activity, which can be used to produce better content, resulting in increased revenue.

23,956,060 Success (2xx codes)
155,641 Redirect (3xx codes)
20,502 Client Error (4xx codes)
129 Server Error (5xx codes)

CDN Responses

The total amount of responses returned by static files such as media, scripts and stylesheets. The best way to understand the behavior of the files that inhabit your site, it's to know the responses they produce. It's important to better handle these files, and also to gain knowledge on how to handle them.

106,364 Success (2xx codes)
3,822 Redirect (3xx codes)
118 Client Error (4xx codes)
99 Server Error (5xx codes)

Backend Responses

The number of responses returned by logged-in users, split by types: success, redirect or client error. The aim is to explore the most helpful ways of translating unreadable data to actionable metrics that will produce a beneficial action. Gathering relevant data to impose new overviews over your site is the outcome.

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