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On Growing in Business and Domain Authority: a Case Study with Decoist

From the undisputed love of interior design and architecture of a small but enthusiastic group of friends, has been born a blog and has been taken care of with passion and patience. Nowadays, it has become one of the most visited web magazines in its field, delivering the daily feed in terms of trends and inspiration.

#Before moving to us

Decoist started out as a small blog. Although they had little traffic the creative team behind was nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately, technical problems occurred every now and then, slowing its ascent — which brought a disheartening feeling to the team.

There were issues with the hosting company we used back then. They didn’t understand much what Wordpress requires. Alex Ion, Editor in Chief

The technical support was unsatisfactory, leaving with database and plugin issues.

Which is why, now and then we had small hiccups – server down. It wasn’t our fault, it was a problem with other websites not being optimized and crashing the machine we were on. But in all honesty, we didn’t think that a server going down a couple of minutes per day could affect the way we’ll grow. We were wrong…

#The migration process

Alex found out about Presslabs from a friend who was pleased with our work. He then contacted Mile Roșu, our co-founder, who told him what Presslabs was all about.

He had me the moment we talked about server response times and latency. We planned the move and in a few days Mile did his magic — we were on the Presslabs infrastructure. Long story short: personal friendly approach, mixed with blazing-fast systems (have never worried my site will go down ever since) and a great price to top it all, it’s what differentiates Presslabs from other companies.

#What we did to improve performance

Being an architecture website, most of Decoist’s articles contain more than a handful of images. The CDN solution that comes together with our plans improved image loading on the website without a speed penalty on the back-end. During the migration, we found some duplicated content that we told the team about, slowly improving Decoist’s presence in the search results.

#After moving to us

It’s after moving to Presslabs that I learned just how important it was to be on an infrastructure that allows you to fly. One of the reasons was Google giving huge weight in Search to sites that load faster than others. Another reason was giving a better user experience to our visitors. And that’s how we managed to double our traffic in less than two months; on top of this, pages per session increased and bounce rate reduced. Needless to say, we’ve grown ever since…

#Response Time

Web Performance - Response Time

During our partnership, we have constantly worked on improving response time.


Every problem that occurs, even the smallest of them, is taken care of as soon as possible, as we try to offer our customers the possibility of focusing on their work while we focus on ours.

Every time I have questions, Presslabs investigates and gives me the best solution. And the thing I enjoy most (other than getting answers) is that I’m getting answers, extremely fast. Their support has always been brilliant no matter if I called at odd times or mailed with stupid requests. Being from the same country also helped. We’ve grown into a nice friendship, I must say. For some reason, I feel like they’re always there for us — like being part of our team. It feels great to have their support.

#Conclusion is one of our oldest customers, and the long-standing collaboration between us has been a very productive one.

Being on Presslabs servers is like finding your soulmate. You can’t imagine life without them … it’s that simple.

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