Top Tier Award for Enterprise WordPress Hosting by ReviewSignal (2019)

ReviewSignal has provided us again with the opportunity to compete in the Enterprise class of their WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks for 2019, and for the second year in a row, we earned a Top Tier Award.

Once again the numbers confirm our commitment to keeping the bar high and delivering a high-quality service to our valued customers.

The methodology for the test has not changed much since last year; the only addition was the StatusCake Average Response Time which certified an awesome performance level for our infrastructure: a global 153 ms response time. Excellent results were visible in the analysis too, where ReviewSignal has used 10 locations, out of which we were the fastest for 2 of them and second fastest for 5 of them.

The uptime test has confirmed a flawless result in terms of availability of the service, so no need to count the nines, as there was a perfect 100%. The SSL implementation has been rated with A+ by Qualys for the second time.

Perfect uptime. Near perfect load tests. The fastest in 2/11 locales in WPT, and second fastest in 5/11. Awesome performance from Presslabs earning them Top Tier status.

Kevin Ohashi – ReviewSignal’s 2019 Enterprise WordPress Benchmarks

Besides the valuable insights it brings to potential Enterprise customers, Kevin’s performance benchmarks provide us with hints for improvement. We do think there’s a possibility to make these tests even more rigorous and detailed—we’re talking about testing using distributed workload simulation, benchmarking the CDN implementation and displaying the results in a snackable, more visual manner. On top of all, it might be interesting to see the evolution of each provider, over the years.

With that in mind, we put ourselves to a bit of work. We’ve aggregated the data for our service to see how things have evolved for our managed WordPress platform and reflected in ReviewSignal’s detailed analysis.

#Logged-in User Testing

This test has been performed using LoadStorm, from 500 to 10,000 users over 30 minutes with 10 minutes at the peak.

Metric 2018 2019
Total Requests 2,012,822 2,229,984
Total Errors 56 47
Peak requests per second 1,576.23 1,773.15
Average requests per second 1,118.23 1,238.88
Peak response time 10,099 ms 12,135 ms
Average response time 208 ms 208 ms
Total Data Transferred 116.54 GB 112.54 GB
Peak Throughput 90.85 MB/s 91.02 MB/s
Average Throughput 64.75 MB/s 62.52 MB/s


#Non-logged User Testing

Performed with LoadImpact, where the test scaled from 1 to 5000 users for 15 minutes.

Metric 2018 2019
Requests 1,991,403 2,006,864
Errors 0 0
Data transferred 104.96 GB 112.9 GB
Peak average load time 184 ms 170 ms
Peak average bandwidth 1,980 Mbps 1,760 Mbps
Peak average requests per second 4,580 3,830


#Uptime Monitoring

It’s been evaluated using third-party services UptimeRobot and StatusCake. We are also relying internally on StatusCake for all our monitoring needs.

Metric 2018 2019
UptimeRobot Uptime 100% 100%
StatusCake Uptime 100% 100%
StatusCake Average Response Time N/A 153 ms


#Page Load Testing

WebPageTest has been used to test this metric from selected locations.

Measured with 2018 2019
Dulles 378 ms 378 ms
Denver 1,352 ms 1,216 ms
LA 850 ms 548 ms
London 490 ms 401 ms
Frankfurt 381 ms 412 ms
Rose Hill, Mauritius 1,335 ms 1,272 ms
Singapore 485 ms 477 ms
Mumbai 721 ms 642 ms
Japan 660 ms 682 ms
Sydney 551 ms 527 ms
Brazil 1,336 ms 1,484 ms
Average 780 ms 745 ms


#WPPerformanceTester Grades

Grading of PHP-only and WordPress operations using $wpdb, performed using Kevin’s own open-source plugin.

Metric 2018 2019
PHP Bench 7.215 6.704
WP Bench 823.0452675 706.2146893


#SSL Grade

Tested using Qualys’ online tool.

Metric 2018 2019
Report Grade A+ A+

If you’re interested in reading the full report on Enterprise WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks for 2019, head here.

Thanks, Kevin! Looking forward to participating again next year!

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