We are happy to release version 0.5, still in beta, but packed with useful new features. At a glance, ignoring is now a straightforward process and we have a contextual help, the list of the latest commits. As our early adopters suggested, we have introduced detection for an existing git repo. Feel free to go to the official Wordpress.org repo and download it now.

#Editable gitignore

When deciding whether to ignore a path, git normally checks gitignore patterns from multiple sources, with the following order of precedence, from highest to lowest (within one level of precedence, the last matching pattern decides the outcome)

Gitium Settings

#Last 20 commits are now listed

The last 20 commits can be seen on this page. We made the page look similar to Github’s commits page, for a familiar look and feel.

Github’s commits page

#Contextual help to the rescue

The Gitium documentation is now published in the standard WordPress contextual help menu, as we strongly believe in following the coding and interface recommendations.

Gitium Contextual Help

#Serbian Translation available as of now

We’re happy to make Gitium available to as many users as possible and we thank Ogi Djuraskovic for his contribution to the Serbian translation.

Gitium -  Serbian Translation available

#Detection of existing git repos

If you want to install Gitium and your wp-content is already connected to a version control system, you might have encountered issues as we don’t support submodules yet and we do not version a folder that already is. This situation is now detected and we recommend removing all of your folders like .git in order to be able to use Gitium properly.

Gitium Warning

#Code refactoring

I strongly believe you’re not a hardcore programmer unless you refactor your code. So that’s what I’ve done: some refactoring in order to make the code easier to read and develop. I am looking forward to your contributions. Here is the codeclimate.com quality score for Gitium, so far.

Gitium Codeclimate Status

So this would be it for version 0.5, still in beta. The plugin has an extensive net of automated test, available for all in the repo here.

A note regarding future plans for Gitium. We are aware there are nice alternatives to Gitium, such as Revisr and VersionPress. Our principle is simple: we want to make sure Gitium gracefully touches the code and only the code, never the database. We believe a code version control system is not appropriate for the database backup and furthermore, for large websites DB versioning while using dumps is risky. Databases can become huge and dumping hundreds of megs of data is never a safe nor easy operation to perform using a PHP process.

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