Lightning Speed for Our Secure Authentication System

Our secure dashboard feature is using the HTTPS protocol to make sure your passwords stay safe when you or your writers login to your site’s dashboard even from, let’s say, a wireless network in an airport. After you securely log in, all your subsequent site clicks require a check to grant you the logged-in user status, or simply put – if you are allowed to see the WordPress top dark user bar.

Until now, the check mechanism for public pages we have been using implied an additional HTTPS request for every click. Well, this is something we have refactored, simplified  and just released as a production grade feature – meaning that this specific request is now much, much faster, and in the same time preserving the HTTP – SSL dashboard authentication.

We’re proud to be able to make internet faster and safer in the same time. Enjoy!

Web performance check

 HTTP - SSL dashboard authentication

Source: third-party Pingdom page performance check.

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