We started our hosting business back in 2009, partially because many of our friends were in need of a solid platform to host their websites. Through word of mouth, more and more friends came knocking at our doors and, in 2011, we became Presslabs.

Ever since the first day we turned on the lights of our first server, we felt there is a special glue bonding us together, but until recently we didn’t put this into words: what our mission is, what guides us and our work, what makes us do the things we do on a daily basis, and how we perceive our work ethics.

So we came up with a mission statement that we’re sharing with you today:

Our objective is to bring hospitality to hosting. We see publishers as our valued guests, and we are dedicated to helping them welcome their readers as well.

We strive to be helpful. Whether it’s a customer or a colleague that needs help, doing it together will make it quicker and better. Things that can be improved will be improved, which is why we challenge each other and learn more every day.

We are all ambitious. We want to make good things better, to challenge ourselves every day, to deliver higher quality work than the day before, to improve our customers’ lives, and to make them more successful. To us, there is no such thing as best, only good things that can become even better.

Being honest is our core belief. Hosting is similar to a bank account or a safe deposit. We treat everyone the way we’d like to be treated ourselves, and this can only mean one thing: being honest every single time. As soon as we know we might be experiencing issues, our top priority, besides making steps towards fixing them, is to notify our customers. We believe every good partnership is based on honesty – the foundation for trust.

We believe in being responsible. We are actively contributing to our environment, whether it’s the open source software ecosystem, the community we live in, or our natural surroundings. We believe in using only what is necessary, because green business is good business.

If you go by the same values, we’d warmly welcome you as our valued co-worker or our cherished customer.

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