As a part of our belief that publishers drive innovation in the WordPress world, we are releasing Xenon, our custom plan for the most demanding publishing projects. Xenon is available as of now and its premium features mean your business gets dedicated high-end Wordpress hosting.

#Time to see what makes Xenon so special!

Dedicated. Xenon is based on a dedicated stack that is deployed only for your project, resulting in a completely private environment. The guaranteed provisioning time for Xenon is 48 hours.

VIP treatment. Your Account Manager will take care of assisting you with the migration process, optimizations, setting up billing and also any questions or issues you might encounter, including 24/7 priority support and an Extended Service level agreement.

Access to core features. You get to work closely with us, you get early access and preview to all the new features we release, either in the shape of plugins, either embedded in the infrastructure.

On top of these, we’re open for discussions because we want to address YOUR specific needs. To get a taste of what Xenon means and what it can do for your website, contact us via email or phone to see how we can work together.

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