Supporting Startup Weekend in Timisoara

We must admit that pitching, hacking and competing in startup events has been at least a thrilling experience for us. And Seedcamp, Venture Connect, How-to-web, Geekmeet, Launch48, Webstock are the events where we learned and where we had a lot of fun. What we loved at these events is that we never had to wear a tie.

So we decided to give back and support our local community of startup enthusiasts and help organize the second edition of Startup Weekend in Timisoara. It’s happening this weekend, April 4-6 at the City Business Center.

Startup Weekend is a global challenge that takes place in cities all over the world – where entrepreneurs come together and do their best to turn an idea into reality within 54 hours. It is the second time the event is pinned on the map in Timisoara, but looking strong in the list of Startup Weekends happening in major Romanian cities like Cluj and Bucharest, among the 478 cities worldwide which have hosted a Startup Weekend.

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