Case studies – Bringing More Fun to the People in the Bay Area

In December 2011, we were happy to welcome as a new early adopter of our hosting platform. We discovered a complex WordPress implementation which needed special attention to be accommodated. The PHP page generation time was slashed to one third, clearly improving the website performance for both the readers and the editors.

Working with a demanding CTO in the person of Marco Schmoecker proved in the years to come a valuable experience to all of us and helped us tailor our service in terms of caching infrastructure, update management, and development support.

The shape of the traffic for includes significant interest spikes, as the content is targeting events. We have managed to accommodate traffic coming even in the case of major events flawlessly, helping obtain record audience numbers per hour, never attained before in the 8 years of existence.

Looking forward to attending unique events in San Francisco, such as the Corndog Day.


  • Uptime: 99,99+% since May 2012
  • 1h 37 minutes of total service outage since May 2012.

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