Introducing our newest open source project: Z3

Today we are happy to announce another open source project we have been working on, this time a tool that ensures the security of our customer’s data. We wanted to offer an extra safety step and minimize the risk of loss in the form of dependable off-site backups. This is a key component used in our hosting platform, used on top of our replication and failover systems.

Z3’s target audience consists of sys-admins, or generally anyone using ZFS. Z3 allows you to backup your ZFS snapshots to S3, which based on our experience is a reliable, distributed cost-effective solution from Amazon. We need to disclose that we are an Amazon APN Standard Technology Partner.
Z3 is easy to use, supports full or incremental backups, you can optionally compress the stream before uploading, features progress visualization (if you have pv installed). This is a well documented, well tested and simple tool, it’s just plumbing around zfs send / zfs receive, in fact, you can see what commands would get executed by using the –dry-run.

Z3 proudly joins our previous open source projects into making publishers’ and developers’ lives easier. You can read all about our other open source projects on our blog. Z3 is a part of our commitment to have a positive influence in the publishing world, beyond our paying customers, both enterprise, and independent.

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