Update – March 1, 2018: We’ve introduced new features to Silver. Check them out here.

Silver is a standalone Django app for automatic billing, that we designed to manage our billing needs. Manu has been the project lead, and after 8 months spent developing this project with Bogdan, and 9 months of it being active in our system, we are now happy to share it with the world. This makes it our fifth significant open source project, you can find the others on our site as well.

Looked at from above and simply put, Silver is a TELCO billing component we use for ourselves. Before turning to our own solution, we had a look at Zuora, Killbill, and based on a lot of aspects, such as the maturity of the project, the level of documentation, the modularity, if is still in the works or not, if it can be easily integrated with already existing services and if it can define Presslabs’ specific billing system, we chose to go for our own solution.

In just a few easy steps, you can bill your customers either by proforma invoice or regular invoice, set up single invoices for all the subscriptions or individual invoices for each subscription a customer has. It gives you the freedom of choosing between our templates or adding your own custom HTML/ CSS templates.

Here is how you can successfully use Silver:

1. Create our profile as a service provider.
2. Add your pricing plans to the mix.
3. Import/ add your customer list.
4. Create subscriptions for your customers.
5. Create your custom templates using HTML/CSS or use the ones already provided.
6. Setup cron job for generating the invoices automatically.
7. Enjoy. Silver will automatically generate the invoices or proforma invoices based on your providers’ configuration.

Silver is easily integrated with other services via a fully tested RESTful API and features local or off-premises document storage, easy to modify to your liking in setting.py.

You can integrate it with other Django-based applications and its data can be controlled using the Django admin panel.

We have an important battery of tests covering all the API endpoints and we also have tested for the critical components of the project. You can find out more about Silver’s features on its page.

Happy billing!

PS: we know Manu’s coin is gold and not Silver :).

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