We are listening to publishers to tailor our feature set

We bring to the independent publishers a powerful, yet simple to use managed WordPress hosting platform. For an overview of the core layers, we are providing an architectural bird’s-eye view. For in-depth answers, check our help center.


Quality of service

We are monitoring the entire site and providing you with qualitative insights on how content is served to readers.

Geographic serving

We are serving HTML content for the Helium subscribers geographically, latency-based from 6 data centers around the world.
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Update Management

We take full responsability of WordPress core updates and provide you with a guarantee to keep pace with all security updates. We consider WordPress core updates essential to the functions of your website and thus, include them automatically. This means you will never get left behind. Plugins from the official WordPress repository are updated by default, but you have the option to opt out and update by request.

Caching Layer

We have written a built-in high performance caching mechanism, making maximum use of the lightweight nginx. And to make it easier for users, there is no configuration needed for usage of the caching mechanism.

Content Delivery Network

We provide a built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) as part of our hosting package. Our CDN is an origin pull type, which is more useful for our users, and if you have a preferred CDN, that can be used as well. We also serve static content (such as images, style sheets, and scripts) from Europe and from the United States, based on the geographical location of the visitor, thus, picking the location that is most convenient for you.


Secure file system access

All your user files, meaning your important WordPress content, can be accessed safely through the secure and encrypted SFTP Protocol. We make sure your content remains secure in your hands.

Secure Dashboard

The dashboard, your main control station, is automatically secured by default on our setup. This import space is where you can access and handle your data and publishing process, and to make sure it is safe and secure we use an HTPS protocol for all actions made by editors. By doing this, we keep sensitive information such as passwords secure at all times, even if editors connect from unknown networks.

Full daily backups

To make sure your content is always cared for, we do full daily backups of your database, code and content files, all of which are stored on Amazon S3.


24/7 Service Monitoring

We are always watching out for you because both personnel and automatic monitoring permanently watch our systems. So, if something happens, you will be notified immediately, even if the problem doesn’t occur on our end. You can check also our public service status page.


All equipment used in our platform is redundant, meaning a hardware failure will stop any damage to the functioning of your site or the experience of your users. Redundancy is also provided at the data center level, keeping you safe from carriers or data center issues. This means, your website is served even when temporary failures occur.

Hardware & Data Center

Our equipment is hosted in 12 different data centers around the world.

High Availability DNS

The DNS you are using for your site is a real Achille's heel for websites. A malfunction can potentially make your public site as well as additional services such as email inaccessible. Therefore it is a system that needs special attention. The top of the line Amazon Route 53 proves to be an excellent choice for our system.
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