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pyolite is a Python wrapper for gitolite.

Easy and simple to use, just type

pip install pyolite

Using an intuitive API, pyolite helps you to easily create users and repos using gitolite.

pyolite was developed by the awesome engineering team at Presslabs, a Managed WordPress Hosting provider.

Gitolite Setup Prerequisites

Using Pyolite is very easy, but it requires some initial setup. First, your gitolite-admin repo must contain a directory called repos, and all .conf files in this directory should be included in your gitolite.conf file. For example, your gitolite-admin repo might have the following structure:

├── gitolite.conf
└── repos
    └── [ empty ]

And your gitolite.conf file might look like this:

repo gitolite-admin
    RW+     =   admin

repo testing
    RW+     =   @all

include	    "repos/*.conf"

This is required because Pyolite makes changes to files only inside the repos directory.

Repository API

First, we need to initialize a pyolite object with the path to gitolite’s repository.

from pyolite import Pyolite

# initial olite object
admin_repository = '/home/absolute/path/to/gitolite/repo/'
olite = Pyolite(admin_repository=admin_repository)

After that, we can create and get a repo using create and get methods.

# create a repo
repo = olite.repos.create('my_repo')
# get a repo
repo = olite.repos.get('my_repo')
# get or create a repo
repo = olite.repos.get_or_create('second_repo')

Every repo has an users object, in order to facilitate basic operations: adding, editing and removing users from a repository.

print "Repo's users: %s" % repo.users

user = olite.users.create(name='bob', key_path="~/.ssh/")

# add a new user
repo.users.add(olite.users.get('admin'), permission='W+')
repo.users.add('bob', permission='R')

# change user's permissions
repo.users.edit(olite.users.get('admin'), permission='WR+')
repo.users.edit('bob', permission='RCW')

# remove user

Users API

You can easily manipulate users as well, using almost the same API.

from pyolite import Pyolite

# initial olite object
admin_repository = '/home/absolute/path/to/gitolite/repo/'
olite = Pyolite(admin_repository=admin_repository)

# create user object
vlad = olite.users.create(name='bob',

# get user by name
vlad = olite.users.get(name='admin')

# get_or_create django style
vlad = olite.users.get_or_create('alice')

# add new key to user
vlad.keys.append('just put the key here')

# check if user is admin or not
print vlad.is_admin

Config API

Gitolite allow users to add extra configurations

repo = olite.repos.get('my_repo')
repo.add_config(("gitolite.mirror.simple", ""))
    "gitolite.mirror.simple": ""

If you need any help with this module, write me