How to use Pyolite

Pyolite is a Python wrapper for Gitolite.

Easy and simple to use, just type:

pip install pyolite

Using an intuitive API, Pyolite helps you to easily create users and repos using Gitolite .

Pyolite was developed by the awesome engineering team at Presslabs , a Managed WordPress Hosting provider.

Gitolite Setup Prerequisites

Using Pyolite is very easy, but it requires some initial setup. First, your gitolite-admin repo must contain a directory called repos, and all .conf files in this directory should be included in your gitolite.conf file. For example, your gitolite-admin repo might have the following structure:

├── gitolite.conf
└── repos
    └── [ empty ]

And your gitolite.conf file might look like this:

repo gitolite-admin
    RW+     =   admin

repo testing
    RW+     =   @all

include	    "repos/*.conf"

This is required because Pyolite makes changes to files only inside the repos directory.

Repository API

First, we need to initialize a pyolite object with the path to gitolite’s repository.

from pyolite import Pyolite

# initial olite object
admin_repository = '/home/absolute/path/to/gitolite/repo/'
olite = Pyolite(admin_repository=admin_repository)

After that, we can create and get a repo using create and get methods.

# create a repo
repo = olite.repos.create('my_repo')
# get a repo
repo = olite.repos.get('my_repo')
# get or create a repo
repo = olite.repos.get_or_create('second_repo')

Every repo has an users object, in order to facilitate basic operations: adding, editing and removing users from a repository.

print "Repo's users: %s" % repo.users

user = olite.users.create(name='bob', key_path="~/.ssh/")

# add a new user
repo.users.add(olite.users.get('admin'), permission='W+')
repo.users.add('bob', permission='R')

# change user's permissions
repo.users.edit(olite.users.get('admin'), permission='WR+')
repo.users.edit('bob', permission='RCW')

# remove user

Users API

You can easily manipulate users as well, using almost the same API.

from pyolite import Pyolite

# initial olite object
admin_repository = '/home/absolute/path/to/gitolite/repo/'
olite = Pyolite(admin_repository=admin_repository)

# create user object
vlad = olite.users.create(name='bob',

# get user by name
vlad = olite.users.get(name='admin')

# get_or_create django style
vlad = olite.users.get_or_create('alice')

# add new key to user
vlad.keys.append('just put the key here')

# check if user is admin or not
print vlad.is_admin

Config API

Gitolite allow users to add extra configurations

repo = olite.repos.get('my_repo')
repo.add_config(("gitolite.mirror.simple", ""))
    "gitolite.mirror.simple": ""

If you need any help with this module, write me