Caching infrastructure upgrade

As we all know, caching the pages of a WordPress site is crucial for the perceived performance by the reader. Business-wise, it translates into more revenue and lower bounce rates. Being such a critical requirement for webmasters, obviously there are numerous WordPress plugin-based cache mechanisms, but lately, most of the managed WordPress hosting companies have developed and use their own layer for caching purposes.

Our proprietary WordPress caching layer is in place for all our customers, ranging from the civic NGO projects that we host for free up to the most demanding enterprise hosting customers.
For the last 4 years and from our own performance monitoring, Pingdom, Statuscake and Google Search Console to the independent benchmarks made by Reviewsignal confirms the excellent figures generated by our caching layer, that we’ve built on top of nginx and redis.

We are now happy to announce we have upgraded our caching layer as follows:

  • improved redundancy with geographically distributed cache nodes (so extra safety for catastrophic global network events)
  • faster load times for rarely accessed resources: media, CSS, JS CDN and also HTML
  • overall better caching policy

Also, a round-up of the policies we’ve discovered to work best to refresh your memory:

The cached pages of the sites we host have different expiration times :

  • articles and pages newer than 2 days: 30 minutes
  • articles and pages newer than 30 days: 1 hour
  • articles and pages newer than 365 days: 4 hours
  • older articles and pages: 1 day
  • all other content: 1 hour

A significant change made in April 2016 was to cache the GET requests for all the resources, which can be easily controlled from the Presslabs Dashboard.

If you are interested in giving some free extra hosting performance polish to your WordPress websites, just let our team know about it.


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