We are happy and excited to share with you the results of ReviewSignal’s 2015 WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks. And before we begin to talk about the results, we’d like to thank the ReviewSignal team for including us in the benchmark and deeming us worthy of the top.

Last year, our results in the benchmark were not quite what we sought after. Our servers would reach a point in the blitz.io test where they would simply respond with a 502 error code due to a bug in our infrastructure. This use case was less likely to happen in a real-life situation, but we wanted to make sure that we’re delivering the best possible performance, which is why we fixed the problem, and what I can say is that it shows.

Only one company managed an error-less run this time (PressLabs)

This year we got into the top thanks to further improvements to our infrastructure and our geographical serving. Our results in the Blitz test were great, and our uptime proved to be perfect during the tests, results that brought us into the Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance league.

Seeing the fact that speed and quality are now the standards in the publishing scene renders a smile on our face, as we know that our goal of offering the best to publishers is slowly brought to life, and we’re part of the reason why it’s happening.

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