Introducing the new Presslabs Dashboard

Starting today, the new Presslabs Dashboard is live and you can check it out at . We are looking forward to your feedback and feature suggestions.



We’re driving development towards a unique command center with a 360° overview and management tool for your sites and this is a very important step. After 6 years of refining and sedimenting in our labs, the new Presslabs command center is ready to reach all your screens. The last iteration took over 1500 hours of programming with a team of 5 (Anca, Andi, Mishe, Bogdan and Vlad as the project lead), 84348 code additions and 68633 code deletions.



This is our take on an intelligent platform that moves with the speed of React JS on the frontend and a completely RESTful API that gives you quick access to important stats regarding your site and allows you to control it in the easiest way.



O3 is on track to give you more independence and to reduce the need to contact Support for tasks you can now do yourself at the click of a button, thus giving you more time to focus on your business, instead of spending time sending support tickets looking for third-party intervention.



We have also revamped our Shared Access feature (  you can give users different levels of permissions to your site) :


And the Backups feature ( you can download backups of your site) :


PS: all SFTP passwords have been reset, and will now be the same as your Presslabs Dashboard password. All you have to do is to log in for the first time into the Presslabs Dashboard and the new SFTP password will be ready to use.

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