Presslabs raises the bar in WordPress hosting with global geo-serving

Presslabs raises the bar in WordPress hosting with global geo-serving

The new package named Helium, enables simultaneous serving from 4 continents to provide a great experience for a global readership.

Presslabs is pioneering in the field of WordPress hosting by announcing the new geo-serving hosting package called Helium, running on a premium custom infrastructure deployed in 5 data centers on 4 continents. It has been developed together with early adopters and it has delivered more than ten billion page views so far to their readers.

Helium is setting new milestones to beat for the entire WordPress hosting industry by coming up with full site average response times, benchmarked by third parties including the Google bot, to values as low as 150ms.

Helium is designed for online publishers with a global audience that expect an outstanding experience for their visitors, regardless of their location. The sites running on Helium are served simultaneously from multiple data centers, based on their network distance to the visitor. The system automatically serves each site from data centers located on US East coast, US West coast, Europe, Australia and Asia.

“We are very excited to refresh the WordPress-centric hosting industry through innovation that sets a higher bar even for the most established service providers. Helium comes as a result of more than 4 years of hard work, customer dedication and no marketing at all.Pedro Dobrescu, Presslabs’ CEO

The traffic served by Presslabs has broken milestone after milestone, growing 300% YoY in the past 3 years. In November 2013 the traffic reached 2.1 billion page views, with many tops to take into account: 3 million page views during one hour on a single site and more than 45 million page views within 24 hours on the same site. The company’s uptime is public since October 2012 and it shows impressive figures of near 100% uptime across the board.

Presslabs provides elite WordPress hosting services for publishers around the world, with impressive support and web performance optimisation.

Presslabs is headquartered in Timisoara, Romania, and is operating equipment in 12 data centers around the world. Started out in 2009 as a part of a web development studio, it got incorporated in 2011 and received angel investment to innovate for publishers.

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