What we’ve been up to in April — Monthly Round-Up

In the course of the 7 years of working in the managed WordPress hosting business, we’ve quietly persevered in building the Presslabs platform, and most of the times we didn’t follow up with a blog post, meaning that not everyone knew about the awesome things we did.

Our mindset went through a 180-degree change at the start of 2018, when we set out to publish at least one blog post per week. This was done in order to inform our users and the community about our newest features and projects, but also to explore more opportunities that WordPress can offer.

Our newest project, The Monthly Round-Up, derives from the need to synthesize the cool things that we did in the previous month, in terms of blog posts, features, and platform features and updates.

#On the Presslabs front

As summer came early into our city, we took the opportunity to explore wild ideas for how the Presslabs infrastructure will evolve. While we’re writing this, our software team is locked in a room, for the 3rd day straight, planning for the near future. Spoiler: we’re set on rewriting our infrastructure in Go, to better suit the Kubernetes integration.

On another note, traveling back in time at the start of the month, we were fortunate enough to be part of WordCamp Vienna, where we presented the MySQL Operator and the HAWP Standard. It was a great experience and we expect more like this to come.

#Handpicked from our blog

We’ve been busy bees this past month, as we’ve gone from documenting our stay in Vienna, for WordCamp Vienna 2018, to adding new sections and updating content on our documentation. Here’s what you missed:

  • Our collaboration with Pixelgrade in providing top-notch experiences. They provide the stunning WordPress themes, and we provide the blazing fast WordPress hosting, the result being a killer combo. We’ve described our collaboration in detail, and additionally, we’ve tested some of their themes, to see how they work on our platform.
  • Vienna, Vienna… We’ve mentioned Vienna a lot, and for the perfect reason — WordCamp Vienna 2018. Even though on the weekend of the conference our country celebrated Easter, we were set on presenting our vision for the future of WordPress hosting, and came home with 3 key insights.
  • Our vision, our hopes, and the start of the Highly-available infrastructure — the MySQL Kubernetes Operator. We’ve described what operators are, and how we’ve created this special one. We are onto something thrilling.
  • Error pages and what’s up with them. We figured out what is up with them, now it’s up to you to know what’s up with them. See what we’ve done here? 🙂 Anyhow, we’ve compiled some key points to know how to solve client-side and server-side errors. Easy, peasy, nice and easy.


In our development endeavors, we’ve been even busier, and we’re not complaining. Here’s what we’ve added or created:

  • We’ve said goodbye to PHP 5.6, a version which isn’t supported by our platform anymore. To see the supported versions, check our docs page.
  • We’ve added a feature called Collaborators Invite, where when adding a Collaborator, your desired collaborator will receive an email with an invitation to create a Presslabs account.
  • We said farewell to SFTP, and replaced it with Gitea, a simple and straightforward web app to manage your source code. See how to use it here.
  • Split to mobile and desktop Ad blocking traffic, while also resolving some issues with the Ad blocking traffic not being calculated right if the domain was on something else than .com. You can find this in the Stats Section.

#What’s next?

One thing’s sure, we’ll continue with this format for the next month, while also crafting and developing exciting features and projects to create a more valuable experience of WordPress hosting for you. We want to evolve, and want to do it with you.

Don’t be a stranger in giving us feedback, or requesting a feature!

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